What Happens When You Cheat On HCG?

Cheating on the HCG diet is a common topic of curiosity.  Since we are all human and love to enjoy life through food, then we are naturally going to want to cheat on any strict diet.

HCG Cheating isn’t exactly a bad thing, it’s normal. It’s just when cheating gets out of hand that it can ruin your dreams of weight loss.

The first thing that usually happens when you cheat on the HCG diet is you start to feel guilty and kick yourself mentally for cheating. Hating yourself for your cheating behavior doesn’t change anything.  You can’t undo what is already done and it doesn’t help you stay on track either.  In fact, feeling bad about your cheating can drive you to want to cheat more!  Haven’t you ever ate a little bit of something you weren’t supposed to and then thought “well, I blew it so I might as well go all out and enjoy myself”  So you dive in and eat everything you feel like eating in that moment.  The next thing you know, you start to regret it a few hours or even minutes later.  Regretting your behavior just makes you feel bad emotionally and one way people cope with feeling bad emotionally is to eat things like candy, cake, pizza or any other comfort food.  So you see how feeling bad just makes things worse.

The bottom line is that cheating doesn’t ruin everything or even classify you as a failure.  Many people on the HCG diet have cheated and still lost a lot of weight.  Let’s be real, it’s a strict diet and hard to follow.

The other reality is that you shouldn’t go overboard with cheating if want good results losing weight with HCG.  Depending on how you cheat, when you cheat, how much you ate and what you ate will all determine what happens when you cheat on the HCG diet.  Consequences of cheating could vary from nothing at all, too a stall, or even a slight gain in weight.

Regardless of what happens when you cheat on the HCG diet, you shouldn’t hate yourself for it.  It’s like hating yourself for being human.  The whole point to losing weight is to be happier and healthier.  Beating yourself up mentally over cheating doesn’t help you achieve happiness or health, so just don’t let yourself go there.

Be smart, decide whether cheating is what you really want to do and then enjoy it!