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How To Get Back On The HCG Diet After Cheating

Did you recently cheat on the HCG diet and need to know what to do to get back on track?  Relax, cheating on any diet is completely normal and you aren’t alone.  Getting back on track and losing the weight you want on HCG is still a reality and a most likely a very reasonable goal to achieve.

Cheating on any diet is a normal part of human life.  We use food to have fun and enjoy our lives.  We use it to celebrate, to reward ourselves, to feel better when we are sad, and just too simply enjoy life as we know it! When anyone is on a strict diet, especially one as restrictive as the HCG diet plan, then you are going to miss the celebration and enjoyment of eating certain foods.  Wanting to have an HCG cheat day and eat these foods is completely natural and normal.

Since cheating is a normal part of dieting and its original intent was to enjoy life, then don’t beat yourself up for doing it.  The first thing you are going to want to do after cheating is to be mad at yourself for failing on your HCG diet.  You are not a failure!  Please take a moment to really let this sink in.  You are not a failure!  You are human with a basic desire to have fun and enjoy life through food; there is nothing wrong with that.  Secondly, it does you no good to hate yourself for cheating after you have already done it.  Think about it.  What does it solve?  Will it undo anything?  Will it change anything??  NO!  So why do it?  Don’t hate yourself. Choose to love yourself despite what has taken place in your dieting experience, it feels much better.

After you have decided to not let guilt run you over like a big truck, the next thing you will want to know is how to get back on the HCG diet after cheating and recover from the consequences as quickly as possible.

The consequences of your cheating can range from nothing at all, to a stall or even a slight weight gain.  It all depends on how and when you cheated on the HCG diet.  Recovering from these consequences will vary as well. The very first thing you will obviously want to do is resume the diet and try not to fall off the diet again.   Wait through the stalling process and you will eventually start to lose the weight again.

The real kicker is, what are you going to do next time you want to cheat?  You will need to prepare and educate yourself ahead of time in order to prevent cheating OR cheat in a different way so that the consequences are minimized or diminished if possible.

Don’t go unprepared or uneducated about how people use diet cheating and food to enjoy life. If you have done it once, chances are, and you will do it again.

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