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How To Cheat On The HCG Diet

Are you on the HCG diet and struggling with cravings for sugar, bead, pasta, cookies, brownies or anything else you aren’t supposed to have?  You aren’t the only one.  The HCG diet is very restrictive and while it works really well, the protocol doesn’t give any suggestions to help people control their carb cravings let alone advice on what to do if you have already cheated.

Cheating is of course not the most desirable course when you are trying to lose weight on this diet, but let’s be real, we are human, not perfect and to me, cheating is a natural reality.

While we all know that cheating big on the HCG Diet has consequences of a slight weight gain, there are things you can do to minimize those consequences and get back on track very quickly.

So if you are going to cheat do right so that there is little to no consequences and those cravings that are making you miserable go away.

Try this simple cheating trick when craving chocolate;

Make a cup of chai tea; add two heaping tablespoons of powdered creamer, and Walden Farms Calorie Free/Sugar Free chocolate syrup to taste. This is a YUMMY sugar fix and you won’t gain a pound.  I like to drink mine hot but you can chill this beverage when you are done making it.  Drink until your heart is content. I know that according to the protocol you are not supposed to have more than 2 tablespoons of dairy a day, but I use this creamer throughout the day in coffee and tea a lot and I use way more than 2 tablespoons and still lose weight.

There are many little tips and tricks to cheat on the HCG Diet while still losing weight.  There is no need to suffer through your hunger and cravings when there is a solution.

I have lost a LOT of fat while cheating on the HCG Diet and you can too.  Click Here to find out how.

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