HCG Diet Plan

HCG Diet Plan Basics

The HCG diet is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly.  And it’s not just any “weight” you are losing.  On HCG, you are losing fat and a lot of it.  I myself have tried many things to lose weight in past including Atkins, just about every pill you can think of, fasting, and more.  I found most diets to be really hard to follow long enough to see real results.  Sure, I could choke the pills down, exercise, and follow a diet, but it only lasted so long.  If I wasn’t seeing results quick enough, then I didn’t stick with it.  I wanted fast results.

The HCG diet is the answer to that problem.  The diet is very restrictive, however, it is short lived. Plus you lose weight so fast that you are highly motivated to keep going with HCG.  It was very hard to stay motivated on other diets when I wasn’t seeing much in the way of results.

The basics to the HCG diet are simple.  There are two ways of losing weight on the HCG diet.

HCG Injections

The first is the original and traditional way with HCG injections.  These injections are recommended in Kevin Trudeau’s book as well as Dr. Simeon’s original protocol.  The difference between these two diets is that Kevin is much stricter in that he doesn’t allow artificial sweeteners; he recommends a colon cleanse, he says to only eat organic, and he has many other additions like green and yerba mate tea.  These changes are not stated in the original protocol; however, the diet is still very effective.  In the original protocol, you were allowed artificial sweeteners, non organic produce, shrimp, lobster, and sometimes eggs for example.  In addition, the HCG injection dosage varies in Kevin’s protocol whereas it is the same dose for everyone in the original protocol. I have also found the original protocol to be just as effective as Kevin’s way of dieting on HCG.  You will have to read about both and see which protocol fits you the best.

HCG Drops

The second way of losing weight on HCG is through homeopathic drops.  There are many of these drops on the market now and each has their own instructions to follow, but the diet is still similar to the original protocol.

I also found the original Dr. Simon’s protocol much easier to follow and we all know that when things are more simple and easier, then it’s easier to stick with in the long run.

THE HCG Diet Plan

So here are the simplest basics of the HCG diet;

  • · You load for 2-3 days before you start the injections.  You eat as much fattening food that you possible can get down, anything and everything.
  • · Then you start the injections (or drops) and begin following the very low calorie diet in the protocol of your choice of 500 calories.
  • · You stay on the diet as exactly as you can for 23-45 days.
  • · When you stop taking the injections (or drops), then you remain on the very low calorie diet for 72 hours after you took your last injection.
  • · Then for 3 weeks you avoid all starches and sugars.
  • · After the 3 weeks is done, then you may gradually add in starches and sugars.
  • · If you plan on doing more than one round of HCG, you must break for at least 6 weeks between rounds otherwise your body will build immunity to the HCG.  You must avoid starches and sugars between rounds.

Again, these are very basic “basics” of the diet.  There are variations out there and you have to pick a protocol that sounds good for you.

The first thing people worry about on the HCG diet is if they will be hungry eating so little for so long.  For me, there was hunger involved. If you don’t load enough before you start the diet, then you may experience hunger – especially during the first week. Otherwise, hunger isn’t too big of deal.  The HCG is causing your body to use your fat storage for fuel.  Since it is getting fuel, you don’t feel as hungry as you think you might.

HCG Diet Cheating

The note on hunger is that HCG will not stop your emotional cravings for certain foods – because that’s an emotion. You can get emotional cravings even if your body isn’t physically hungry for fuel. If you experience hunger or cravings that are stemmed from stress or other emotions, then there are ways to deal with that and hopefully preventing you from cheating on the diet.

Even if you do cheat, you can still lose a lot of weight on HCG, you may just slow down the fat loss a bit.