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HCG Diet Cheating | HCG Weight Loss Success While Cheating

As you probably already know, HCG diet cheating is not encouraged.  In fact, some people feel like hcg diet cheating is the worst thing you could do and if you do it, then it is the end of the road for your success on the hcg diet.

This is not true.

The worst thing you could do first of all is beat yourself up about HCG diet cheating.  Think about it, how does that help you?  It doesn’t, it just makes you feel bad. It doesn’t make you more able to succeed in the future either.  Your success on the HCG diet depends on your own inner strength and motivation – hating yourself for cheating doesn’t cultivate either of those things.  We are all human and cheating on a diet is a common reality and completely normal.

Secondly, there are ways to cheat on the HCG diet and still lose a lot of weight.  And, if you have already cheated on the hcg diet, then there are quick ways to get back on track faster – in fact, you can get back on track so fast that you may even feel like your cheating was worth it.

The consequences of HCG diet cheating can vary from none (meaning you can still lose weight after cheating) to a slight weight gain of a pound or two.  If your cheat is small and within the daily calories allowed, you may keep losing weight depending on what you eat. If you go way overboard and eat everything in sight then you might gain some weight.

Cheating should be a planned event ahead of time taking into consideration why you want to cheat, how you want to go about it and then get back on track.   By taking these steps, you will spare yourself the emotional pain of hating yourself, get back on track faster, or even keep losing weight.

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