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HCG Diet and A Cheat Day

Having a cheat day on the HCG diet isn’t promoted by the original protocol, but happens on a regular basis amongst HCG dieters. Cheat Days are common in every diet, just for the very fact that we as human love to have fun, enjoy life, and reward ourselves, especially for all our good behavior in successful dieting. The HCG diet is not an exception to the rule when it comes to a cheat day.

If you want to reward yourself with a cheat day on the HCG diet, then it is best to understand the consequences of cheating before you actually cheat.  Making an educated decision about how to cheat, when to cheat, and what to eat when you cheat are all things to consider in order to continue losing weight on the HCG diet plan.

If you don’t fully think through what it is that you expect to get out of your cheat day, then you may end up feeling guilty or even face diet failure if you don’t get back on track within a timely manner.

The purpose of a cheat day is for fun and enjoyment.  You should do everything you can, including educating yourself on how to cheat on the HCG diet, to ensure that your cheat day will be fun and you can still lose the weight you desire.

So how do you cheat, have fun, and still lose weight on HCG??  There is no secret to cheating.  Chances are, you already know exactly what you want to eat or intend on eating anyway.  The question is how far do you want to go with that cheat day and how do you plan on getting back on track?

There are ways to compensate for a cheat day in order to offset the potential consequence of a slight weight gain or stall.  One of them is to monitor how far you go over the 500 calorie limit as well as what foods you eat when you are going over that limit.

The best thing to remember is that there is a price to pay for cheating and you have to be in a mental state to pay that price.  Similar to the way you would pay money for entertainment to ride a roller coaster – you will have to pay something, small or big, to have your cheat day on HCG.

Cheating on the HCG diet doesn’t have to be a guilt filled horror day.  It can be fun, enjoyable, and best of all; you can get right back on track and still lose weight.

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