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HCG Cheating – What if cheating isn’t bad?

HCG diet cheating is not something that any HCG diet guru promotes, in fact, as you probably already know, cheating on the HCG diet is forbidden.  But what if cheating isn’t bad?

It isn’t just HCG cheating that is considered taboo.  It’s basically forbidden in a lot of the diets that have come out over the years.  There are usually a long list of do’s and don’ts for every weight loss diet and any deviation from those rules equals cheating.  Diets also usually deprive you of most, if not all, of the things you really want to eat and enjoy!  It’s no wonder everyone cheats on diets.

The HCG diet is one of; if not the most, critical diets that people stress that you don’t cheat. However, cheating happens time and time again regardless of this rule.  And since cheating is strictly forbidden, then most people feel an incredible sense of failure or guilt associated with idea cheating.  The most common fear is that if you cheat on the HCG diet, then you will have ruined everything and this simply isn’t so.  Recovering from HCG cheating is not only a possibility, but a reality for many.

Nobody wants to waste their time or money and everybody on the HCG wants to lose as much weight as possible.  But if you are like any other HCG dieter, you know that you get cravings and cravings (along with life’s occurrences such as birthday parties and celebrations) set us up to cheat in a big way.  The pressure to resist cheating is intense and definitely un-pleasurable.  And what ironic is that cheating creates a sense of pleasure, that’s why we all do it!  So what’s the point of hating yourself for wanting to create a little enjoyment in life through food?  In my opinion, there is no point.

So is it possible cheat on the HCG diet and still lose weight?  The answer is yes!  Cheating doesn’t equal diet failure.  Now just like and thing – there is a balance.  Too much cheating will cause you to sabotage your diet success; however, a little cheating along with a quick recovery can spell weight loss success while cheating on HCG.

Again, balance is the key.  It is like that with anything when you think about it.  You can kill yourself by drinking too much water, but it is essential for life.  Cheating has to be balanced out in the same way.  You can do without cheating while dieting on HCG, but if you must cheat, plan ahead if you can and create a healthy cheating balance in your life.

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What if you don’t get your cravings and hunger under control?

Cheating on the HCG diet can be a double edged sword.  If you don’t acknowledge your desire to cheat and educate yourself on how to control your cravings and hunger, then your cheating habits will take control of you and before you know it – you will be an HCG diet failure.

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There is no need to suffer through your hunger and cravings when there is a solution!

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