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Cheating On The HCG Diet | Successfully Fighting Hunger & Cravings

If you are one of the many who are thinking about cheating on the HCG diet, then take heart and know that you are not alone. You are one of many who think about cheating on HCG every day. This diet is very strict and any normal person would start to dream about their favorite foods, in fact, you may even start to long for them like a long lost friend.

Cheating on the HCG diet plan has been forbidden, mainly because of the instructions within the original Dr. Simeon’s protocol. He simply recommended that you don’t cheat, not even with one almond! It has been said that the extra caloric load will stall the weight loss progress. However, we all know that cheating on HCG happened back then and it is still happening today. The difference is that we live in a different time with different diets and different lifestyles. Stress is higher, we all live faster paced lives, and our energy needs are much greater in a lot of cases. I believe it is these differences that allow for very different reactions when cheating on the HCG diet. In fact, there is a higher caloric limit of 800 calories now allowed on the diet and people are still losing weight.

If you are frightened that if you have a cheat day on HCG that you might lose all your progress or that you ruined everything, then know that you haven’t ruined everything. It is possible to have your cheat day and still lose a lot of weight. I have had several cheat days while dieting on HCG and I know other people who have cheated as well and still lost a lot of fat. Success on the HCG diet plan is still possible after cheating on HCG.

The best way to achieve success while cheating on HCG is to educate yourself about the consequences of cheating and then plan when and how you want to cheat. You see, the consequences are affected by how and when you cheat. For example; if you have a cheat day where you eat every one of your favorite foods in site including things like cookies, candy, cake, pizza, brownies, and more – then you will drastically overload your caloric limit of 500 calories. When you do this, you will stall your loss or have a slight gain. Once this happens, your best defense against weight gain is a quick recovery after cheating.

Another example is if you cheat on HCG with foods of a lower caloric limit, then it is possible that you will only stall for a day or even continue to lose weight! These foods can be healthy for you and they can eliminate your cravings in the moment which in turn allows you to stay on track.

New and different food allowances are being discovered every day on this diet – mainly because it is a diet that works really well and lots of people are using it. With this enormous amount of usage, there are definitely going to be lots of people cheating – this creates a massive amount of new information available about the effects of cheating on the HCG diet.

So be open minded about cheating on HCG and don’t beat yourself up about wanting to cheat. Humans enjoy life through food. It is a way to celebrate, a way to reward ourselves, and a way to make ourselves happy when things aren’t going so well.

You are not a bad person for wanting to cheat. So the best approach is to find a balance between cheating on HCG and remaining on the diet until you achieve your desired results.

Planning how and when to cheat on HCG can increase your ability to lose that maximum amount of weight on each and every round of HCG.  Take the time and educate yourself to ensure that you lose the weight you want and also to protect yourself from being controlled by your cravings.

If you don’t get your cravings under control, then they can sabotage your dieting efforts and that’s not what you want.  In order to find success on HCG while cheating, you must be in control of your hunger and cravings!  One of the best ways to do this is to educate yourself.

You can never lose by investing in yourself and your own heath.  Learn how I cheated on HCG and got the body of my dreams!

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