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Successful Weight Loss After Cheating On The HCG Diet

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If you are on the HCG diet, then you understand the pressure and fear associated with cheating.  Everyone knows that cheating on the HCG diet is strictly forbidden, it’s like the taboo of taboos.  The HCG diet instructions simply say “don’t cheat” and that’s it.

In all reality, lots of people cheat on HCG and the reason they cheat is because we are all human and not perfect.  It is unrealistic to expect anyone to be perfect.  Would you expect your children or anyone you love dearly to be absolutely perfect? I am going to take a stab in the dark and say no – you wouldn’t expect them to be perfect.  So why do you expect that of yourself.  The pressure to remain absolutely perfect and not cheat on the HCG diet is so intense that it makes the diet (in my opinion) hard to follow at times.

The reason most people cheat on any diet is because we all enjoy life through our food.  Think about it, we have parties and celebrations surrounded by food. When we feel we want a reward then we treat ourselves with our favorite food. In addition, when we feel down, we also use food to bring ourselves back up to a happy emotional state.  Using food to enjoy and live life is normal.  Knowing this, it is completely natural to want to cheat on the HCG diet.

HCG diet and cheating are topics that many people struggle with and these topics are not the end of the world.  You can cheat on HCG and still lose a lot of weight with success.

The level of success you have while cheating on hcg really depends on several factors like when you cheated, how far you go over the 500 calorie limit, and what you ate when you cheated just to name a few.  Getting back on the diet after cheating is also a key factor in success.  You want to do this as quick as you can and you want to eat in ways that minimize any potential stall or gains.

Another important factor to remember when cheating on the HCG diet is to not beat yourself up mentally for cheating.  Cheating is used to create happiness through food and you really kill the entire point of cheating when you beat yourself up mentally after the fact.  The problem is that we all have a tendency to do it and if you are anything like me, it drives you insane.  First you want to cheat and you think it will be a fun and enjoyable cheat day.  Then, after it’s all over, you kick yourself for doing it for several days (or even months) after you cheated!  This love hate relationship with cheating can create intense stress and madness of you don’t come to peaceful terms with it.  You must love your cheating and keep it under control so that you can enjoy life, cheat, and still lose a lot of weight too!

If you get stuck in a cheating rut, then it is possible that you will ruin your HCG weight loss efforts and that’s not what you want.  You want to find peace and balance between enjoying life through food and losing weight.  Complete deprivation of the foods we love isn’t healthy mentally and neither is struggling to lose weight either.  Strike a balance between these two and you will find yourself losing weight on HCG, cheating, and enjoying your life with ease.

Be smart and decide if cheating is what you really want to do and then enjoy it! Log on to to learn more about how to cheat on the HCG diet with success.

What if you don’t get your cravings and hunger under control?

Cheating on the HCG diet can be a double edged sword.  If you don’t acknowledge your desire to cheat and educate yourself on how to control your cravings and hunger, then your cheating habits will take control of you and before you know it – you will be an HCG diet failure.

You don’t want to fail at your HCG weight loss efforts do you?  Cheating can be a healthy, enjoyable, and balanced approach or it can turn into a nightmare.  The choice is yours.

But, the bottom line is this, cheating is real, it is a natural reaction to any restrictive diet and there are ways of dealing with it so that it doesn’t sabotage your efforts.  Success on the HCG diet is possible, even if you cheat or have cheated.  Log onto to get the answers now!