HCG Diet Cheating Basics



The first thing you should know about cheating on the HCG diet is that it is forbidden in the original protocol.  It is strange that education on this topic would be left out of the original protocol, but it is.  All it says is basically don’t cheat with no advise for what to do it you do cheat.

In the real world, cheating is a big issue.  Cheating is also a common problem and of all things to discuss and learn how to deal with – it should be HCG diet cheating.

Cheating is completely normal.  The reason it is normal is because for 1) nobody is perfect and 2) humans enjoy life through food.  It is our highest priority to be happy and when we use food to be happy, then of course we are going to want to cheat on a diet, especially one as restrictive as the HCG diet plan.

So the basics of HCG diet cheating are simple.

First recognize the reason you want to cheat.  If you are like me, then it’s probably for some family celebration or to simply enjoy life in some way.  It feels good to eat tasty food and life without our favorite foods makes everyone feel left out of the fun.

Second, ask yourself if a HCG cheat day is worth the reward you will gain from cheating?  It is very possible that the reward IS well worth it. If you feel like it is well worth it, then the next thing to know is …………………..

Don’t beat yourself up mentally for cheating after you do it.   The whole point to cheating is to find some source of enjoyment or pleasure. If you hate yourself afterwards for what you have done, then you are killing the whole point to cheating.  And besides, it doesn’t change anything so why do it??  Make an educated decision if you really want to cheat and then let yourself enjoy it!

After you have cheated, getting back on track quickly is key.  Resuming the diet and staying on track for as long as you can will allow you to resume losing weight again.

How you cheated, when you cheated, what you ate, and other various factors will affect your weight loss. You may only stall one day, you may stall several days, you may have a slight gain, or you may continue losing weight.  There are several factors that affect the consequences of cheating and it just flat out depends on how you cheated.

There are ways to minimize the consequences and in some cases, completely eliminate the consequences of cheating on the HCG diet.  Take the time to educate yourself and use your education as a tool to plan out how you want to cheat on the HCG diet.  Educating yourself before you cheat on HCG can help you lose more weight and help you enjoy your cheating experience.

Regardless of what you decide to do, choose a positive approach, get educated on the topic as much as you can, and ENJOY IT!